2022 Monthly SPIFF – Terms of Service

The Chargezoom Monthly SPIFF promotion is open to all Chargezoom partners and resellers. Some terms and conditions apply.

SPIFF Promotion

  1. Agent / Partner / Referrer must have a signed Referral or Reseller agreement (or working for a partner company) that is active and in good standing.
  2. Promotion is effective September 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022
  3. Chargezoom reserves the right to change, limit, or terminate this promotion with notification to participants 5 business days prior to the beginning of each month during which the Promotion is effective.
  4. Each Tier represents the minimum number of active merchants.
  5. A single $50 USD payout will be provided for every qualified merchant who completes a product demonstration with the Chargezoom sales team. To qualify, a merchant must meet all qualification metrics, as outlined below.
    1. Merchant must possess OR is in the final process of obtaining a Merchant ID (MID) that is capable of processing credit card and/or ACH transactions;
    2. Merchant must use QuickBooks, FreshBooks, or Xero as their accounting software package; and
    3. Merchant must use invoicing as a means of collecting payments.
  1. For Agent/Partner/Referrer to achieve an additional payout, merchants must have an active account on a Sync, Automate, or Enterprise Suite plan that is current and paid and not disabled for non-payment, have a gateway, processed a transaction, paid a subscription fee for a minimum of 30 days. 
  2. Deal Registrations from multiple agents cannot be combined to achieve a bonus.
  3. Payouts will be processed 15 days after month-end, for all amounts earned during such month, via check or ACH.
  4. Reward for Merchant accounts are cumulative per tier, not per Merchant / Account. ie. Amount shown is the entire SPIFF, not to be multiplied by total merchants.
  5. SPIFF award is based on highest qualified tier, tiers cannot be combined.

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General Terms

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