About Us

Our Mission is to Unlock the Power of Your Payments

Matt DuboisFounded by Matt Dubois, a seasoned SaaS entrepreneur with high-level knowledge in the tech and payments industry, Chargezoom was designed to address the needs of modern businesses.

Custom user experiences and frictionless payment processes have been a powerful tool for companies that can afford high-end integrated payment systems.

Everybody can get paid, but we all don’t paid as easy as the few who have big budgets and ample resources.

Providing beautiful payment experiences for your customers and reducing the administrative burden on getting paid shouldn’t be reserved for the few, it should be the right of every business. Unfortunately, many of the most widely used accounting tools and payment gateways haven’t been updated in years and don’t communicate with each other. If they do, it’s clunky at best and problematic at worst.

As a business owner, you likely accept payments through several channels and with each new channel, comes new challenges and new systems. Scaling your business becomes a challenge as you work on managing disparate connections from your payment and accounting systems. Time lost managing payment operations equates to lost sales and lost revenue. Creating a thriving sales organization is just the start, if your payments infrastructure can’t support it at scale, it’s all for nothing. A sale only counts if you get paid!

Chargezoom completes the growth paradigm with single dashboard to manage and sync all your payments.

Business owners, Accountants and Controllers appreciate gaining control of cash flow with features such as our third party credit card vault while having payments from multiple platforms and sources syncing in real-time to your existing accounting software. Developers love it, because how easy it is to integrate with the intuitive RESTful API.

No need to upgrade your systems or change merchant processing accounts, Chargezoom runs in the cloud and can be setup in 5 steps in less than 5 minutes and no IT guy is required.

Chargezoom is completely FREE to try for 30 days, we won’t even ask for your credit card. We are so sure you will find instant value, we don’t need to ask upfront.

If you are just getting started, we offer FREE plans for tech startups, new and student businesses, contact us for more details.

Ready to get started? No credit card required.