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ERP & Accounting Software

Integration Advantages

It is not possible to have software dealing with multiple clients across the world without integrating with others for optimized customer service. Chargezoom has integrated with the most edge cutting accounting software. Most of which have been in the accounting business long enough to keep up with market trends and client demands to address common issues with accounting. We believe in perfection in accounting because if you don’t do right with the books, so many things could go wrong.


The most widely used accounting software package, developed and marketed by Intuit. Mainly, QuickBooks products are designed to handle small or medium sized companies/businesses and offer offline as well as cloud based versions. They are mainly for accepting business payments, payroll as well as manage and pay bills. Read more about our QuickBooks Desktop Integration here

QuickBooks Online integrates Chargezoom billing data which enables automated access of customer data regarding payments, invoices, payments and refunds. This is so as to make your accounting streamlined and easy to manage. QuickBooks Online makes it possible to reconcile real-time data from customer payments, accounts as well as receivables. This makes it easy for you to make accounting decisions since you are able to view your transactions and recurring revenue in an instant. Read more about our QuickBooks Online Integration here

Xero Integration

Xero is able to automatically sync accounting data with subscription billing data giving assurance in data accuracy. Chargezoom billing data integration with Xero  transfers automatically customer plans, accounts, payments and refunds to enable a more accurate and streamlined accounting process. Read more about our Xero Integration here


FreshBooks is useful accounting software that can be integrated with Chargezoom to provide small businesses with solutions on invoicing and accounting. It is simple to use, requires very little paperwork but with very powerful features which are able to automate tasks such as time tracking, invoicing and organizing expenses. It is Cloud enabled which means that you can access it from any device or even while away from your working space. Read more about our FreshBooks Integration here

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