Chargezoom vs. Verosa

Integrated Payment Processing for QuickBooks

As your company grows, accounting becomes more complex. You’ll find that managing payments becomes challenging and you should consider an integrated payment solution like Chargezoom or Verosa. Handling growing business challenges using CSV files and disparate applications just doesn’t work any longer.

If you’re interested in upgrading your QuickBooks with an integrated payment solution that will both increase efficiency and scale with your business. Then this article is for you.

Chargezoom Overview

Chargezoom is a cloud based virtual terminal that allows you to process payments that sync directly into QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online in real-time. There is no software to install and can be setup in 4 minutes or less without having to install anything on a computer.  There are no setup fees or per transaction fees.

Processing payments is just the beginning, Chargezoom allows users to easily manage complex payment scenarios. Multiple point-to-point integrations create disparate connections, increase complexity and administrative overhead. This leads to manual information entry processes that contribute to poor client service and errors. Chargezoom acts as a centralized payment dashboard for your payment infrastructure, bringing clarity, reducing time to get paid and saving time.
Chargezoom has a FREE plan and scales to the enterprise with paid plans starting at $20/mo

Verosa Overview

Verosa is a virtual payment terminal that is installed on a Windows desktop computer. Installation and setup require an appointment to be scheduled with the Verosa professional services team at your expense. Verosa must be installed on any computer that a user wants to accept payments. Verosa syncs payments made on the Payment Terminal into your QuickBooks Desktop file.
Verosa plans start at $20/mo

Chargezoom vs. Verosa

If we compare Chargezoom vs. Verosa, the Payment Terminal of Verosa is a little complicated to use. You need to download and install the setup on your system properly in order to process your business payments. But, with Chargezoom, you do not need to install any software. You can create a free account and start using the system instantly (no need to wait days for an install time). Quick setup and one-click integrations put the user experience first and help businesses scale revenue effortlessly.

Simply put, Chargezoom does more and does it better

Try it for yourself, see why businesses are making the switch.
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