Customer Retention for Subscription Businesses

Retain Customers Longer with a Branded Experience


Retaining customers is the backbone of any business; that goes for the subscription business as well. It is hard enough to attract new clients but it is even harder to retain the ones that have already subscribed to your services. The best way to ensure that your clients do not cancel their subscriptions is by providing them undeniable value using a branded interface, rewarding loyalty, reducing payment friction. Chargezoom addresses all of these common pain points.

Customer Relations

Reduce Payment Friction


Branded Invoice pages and “Pay Now” links embedded in your invoice emails make it an easy and painless experience for your customers to pay you.


Automate Collection Efforts


Make it easier for your customers to pay you, automated email notifications avoid the often painful and time-consuming collection calls and manual emails.

Reach Audience

Lead with Value


Every salesperson knows that you should always lead with value, the key to any successful salesperson is their ability to demonstrate the value of their service, even if it is highly commoditized.


Experiment and Test


This can be achieved by using methods such as A/B testing, then improving your ROI on your top performing discount campaigns.


Reward loyalty


You can use highly specific discount campaign targeted at specific customers.


Maximize your Discount Value


Make your discounts valid for a specific amount of time or for the first X number of customers, this way customers will perceive your offer to be more valuable.

These are just but a few tips on how to retain your customers and with Chargezoom, talk with a representative today to explore how we can improve your Customer Retention Strategy.

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