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Customer Vault

Securely Store Customer Credit Card Data

The customer vault stores billing information, where it can be quickly accessed for future transactions or recurring payments. It works directly with all supported gateways on the Chargezoom platform and is deeply embedded in the recurring billing API.

Store multiple records for each customer, including credit card and ACH accounts. Each record is linked to their customer profile, allowing them to choose their preferred method whenever they make a purchase. 

The vault reduces the amount of sensitive data that touches your system, reducing your PCI footprint. Ensure seamless transactions while at the same time mitigating your security risk and avoiding the huge cost of PCI compliance. 

Customer details are kept safe, preventing loss of revenue or reputation as a result of a data breach.


Reduce PCI ComplianceLessen the cost of your annual security audit and PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). We are a level II PCI Compliant Service Provider. 

Let us worry about safety and compliance so you can run your business.

Save time and money

Maintaining a digital environment built to PCI standards requires a full-time development team. Instead of investing countless hours and resources into your software, our vault encrypts customer data instantly, at a fraction of the cost. 

Manage risk and liability

Protect yourself from data breaches and legal action. Our customer vault lets you offload the risks of working with card data. Payments are processed faster, without any critical information passing through their system.

20+ Integrations and counting