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What is Chargezoom?

Chargezoom is a single platform for managing payments and recurring billing. Chargezoom empowers accountants, controllers and business owners by providing 3 important benefits.


-Lowering credit card processing fees – Automatic Level II & III Data Processing (on supported gateways)


-Reducing errors & double entry – 2-way syncing across multiple platforms of invoices, payments and customer data with your accounting software. Say goodbye to handling CSV files.


-Saving time with automation – Subscription Management and Recurring Payments features automate the most time consuming functions of Accounts Receivable departments

Who should use chargezoom?

Any business that utilizes recurring billing will benefit from Chargezoom. Some business types include SaaS/Web 2.0, B2C, subscriptions, subscription boxes and more. From small business to large enterprises, Chargezoom aims to help simplify it all under one roof.

I'm not very tech savvy--can I still use chargezoom?

Chargezoom is made for everyone, so no tech knowledge is needed. You don’t even need to ask your I.T. or “web guy” (or gal). It only takes 5 steps in 5 minutes to start!

Do you work with QuickBooks® or my accounting software?

Yes, currently we work with QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Online®, Freshbooks®, Xero® and more in the works. We’re are ever-adding more accounting solutions to our system. If you don’t see what you need, just ask us.

What is 2-way Syncing?

We sync data from your several diverse data sources centrally, upload and download. Simply put, you can accept payments and reconcile transactions from multiple sources with only a few clicks, so all your systems are always updated in real-time.

Can chargezoom lower my processing costs?

In many cases Chargezoom can help merchants lower their processing costs by giving them the freedom to choose who they process with. We are a processor neutral platform, which means (unlike many Accounting Software packages), we do not force you to use a specific processor. This allows merchants the ability to shop for the best rates.

Do I still have to export and import transactions? Also known as "batching".

No, Chargezoom eliminates the need for batch exports and imports. All your transactions sync in real-time.

Can I use multiple payment gateways?

Yes, you can use as many payment gateways as you like. You can setup backup payment gateways, or divide how you process invoices across multiple gateways. You can even use the same gateway multiple times with different MIDs.

Do I need to install any software?

No, Chargezoom is cloud based. This means it is easy to setup, no IT guy or special skills are needed and your Support Agreement will not be void with your ERP software vendor.

Are you PCI Compliant?

Yes, PCI-DSS 3.2 Service Provider Level 1.

Can I embed payment links in invoice emails?

Yes, you can embed a “Pay Now” link on email notifications that originate from Chargezom.

Is there a per user fee, per transaction fee or any other fees?

No per user, per transaction or any other fees. Flat rate means flat rate.

Do you have a mobile app?

The chargezoom web interface is fully mobile responsive. It works on all connected devices, including iPhones, Androids, iPads, tables and laptops. We will have a mobile app Q4 2019.

Can I setup Free Trials or Free + Shipping offers?

Yes, Chargezoom has robust subscription management functionality. You can create very simple to complex subscription plans on our easy-to-use interface.

Do you offer Checkout Pages?

Yes, Chargezoom has branded “Checkout Pages” that allows new customers to sign-up and pay for Subscriptions.

Is there a portal for my Customers?

Yes, you can enable a branded portal for your customers with your own subdomain

Do you offer technical support?

Yes, Monday-Friday 7a-7p and Saturday 8a-12p via live chat, email and phone. All times listed are PST.

Ready to get started? No credit card required.