Email invoices that get paid 4x faster

Recognizable emails are opened sooner and paid faster – with many paid within 24 hours¹

    Kinsley B.
    Kinsley B.
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    "It allows me to have more free time because it does a lot of the work for me!"

    Ready to use, right at the start

    Use our pre-built email templates to get up and running fast. Our WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to make every email your own without any fancy software or coding skills.

    Customize for your brand

    If you want to take customization to the next level, add your own HTML to personalize your email and help it stand out in a crowded inbox.

    Click to pay

    Include “click to pay” buttons or links in your emails to collect payments faster. Many are paid within 24 hours, regardless of the due date!

    Your portal looks like your brand

    Keep your branding consistent and recognizable while making it easy for customers to update their details and pay 24/7/365.

    Get paid faster with recognizable emails

    When your invoice emails look like your brand, your customers react faster with many paying within 24 hours.

    Qualify for lower rates

    Ask your processor about Level 2 & 3 rates for your business. Using authentic data, you could be saving up to 33% on every transaction.

    Unlock powerful tools built just for you

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