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High Risk Merchant Processing

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Chargezoom specializes in subscription business and high-risk merchant payment processing. Traditional banks have been late to understand technology and new business models. With the mass migration to a subscription economy, Chargezoom has led the way with innovative recurring billing and payment processing solutions.

Typically, all businesses with recurring billing or subscriptions are considered high-risk, regardless of the product or service sold, and regardless of the business history.


Technology That Makes a Difference

Chargezoom includes proprietary regulatory compliance technology (RegTech), that helps businesses with risk mitigation and compliance management.  This means a lower risk rating and reduced complexity for businesses, allowing us the ability to board businesses that have previously experienced challenges with merchant processing.


Why Choose Chargezoom?

We understand the complexities of managing online and subscription businesses. Our management team combines decades of experience with high-risk payment processing and leaders in the financial technology (FinTech) space. All processing solutions are 100% PCI Compliant and we integrate with nearly all online shopping carts, eCommerce platforms, CRMs and accounting packages.

What is Considered High Risk?

Besides subscription style businesses, a business may be considered high-risk due to average transaction size, industry or chargeback rate. Here are a few categories generally considered high-risk:

  • -SaaS Companies
  • -Accounting & Tax Prep
  • -Tech Support
  • -Guns & Firearms
  • -Jet Charter
  • -Cigarettes & Tobacco
  • -Credit Repair
  • -Debt Consolidation
  • -Web Design Services
  • -Digital Downloads
  • -Adult Entertainment
  • -Document Prep
  • -Electronics
  • -Smoking Accessories
  • -Non-Profit
  • -Bail Bonds
  • -SEO & SEM Services
  • -SEO & SEM Services
  • -Nutraceuticals
  • -Property Management
  • -Drop Shipping
  • -Hunting Equipment
  • -Vape & E-Cigarettes
  • -Dating Services
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