Save 10+ hours a week

Our patent-pending technology handles time-consuming tasks and reconciles payments so you can stay focused.

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    "It allows me to have more free time because it does a lot of the work for me!"
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    Eliminate busywork

    Everything you need to process payments is in one place. Eliminate the time-consuming tasks of manual data entry or CSV file imports.

    Every type of payment, made easy

    One-off payments reconcile just as easily as batch payments and subscriptions. Every transaction is recorded with full GAAP compliance, every time.

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    Yes! Chargezoom can actively sync to QuickBooks Desktop. Read about the QuickBooks Online integration here.

    Yes! Chargezoom can actively sync to QuickBooks Desktop. Read about the QuickBooks Desktop integration here.

    In simple terms, it means that we are synchronizing your data in two directions. We take information from QuickBooks and push it to Chargezoom for payments. The payment data is then pushed back into QuickBooks, so your invoices are reconciled and marked as paid. This synchronization is continuous and changes are immediate. Payments are reconciled with full GAAP compliance and marked as paid in an instant.

    No. Every payment handled through Chargezoom — including debit cards, credit cards, ACH, and eCheck — is reconciled to QuickBooks automatically. There is no need for you to make manual updates or import CSV files.

    Chargezoom is impartial about gateways, which means that we do not require users to have an account with any specific company. If you have a gateway or service provider that you like, you can continue to use them with Chargezoom. We work with 20+ of the major gateways including industry leaders like Authorize.net, NMI, Stripe, and PayPal. Click here to view the list of gateways accepted.

    How Much Can You Save With Chargezoom?

    Total Annual Savings $ 6,657

    Streamline billing and payments

    Accept payments all in one place. Records are always in sync so you can apply payments directly to the invoice. Full reconciliation happens instantly, so there’s no manual work for you.

    Send one or many invoices in a single click. Batch processing reduces time and your customized emails ensure your branding is carried through.

    Let your customers help themselves! 90% of customers say they expect compaies to offer a customer portal for self-service.* When your customers can answer their own questions, it reduces the number of support calls and allows you to focus on higher priority tasks while also lowering costs — and stress.

    Offset your transaction fees and stay compliant with Visa regulations.

    Maintain your data with compliance without being locked in to a single payment provider. Connect to one or many gateways and switch with ease.

    Create as many subscription or recurring payment plans as you need to keep your payments on schedule and make forecasting easier.

    Unlock powerful tools built just for you