How to fight customer churn with better payments

How To Reduce Customer Churn

A lot of merchants think of payments as separate from sales. As soon as the customer has shaken hands or signed the dotted line, they hand them off to the accountants. Then, when it’s time to follow up, they discover the customer has churned. 

In some cases, the customer winds up moving to a company that charges them more. It’s confusing, but it shouldn’t be. After all, a sale’s not complete until money changes hands, which means the harder it is to pay, the less satisfied your customers are going to be with you. 

And bad experiences are costly. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, 17 percent of Americans are willing to abandon a merchant after just one bad experience. Don’t let this happen to you. Improving the payment experience is one of the easiest ways to prevent customer churn, and with Chargezoom, it’s never been easier.

Creating a better payment experience

Few things frustrate customers more than a complex payment process. Making them work to give you money is almost guaranteed to increase your churn. Making payments frictionless will help reduce it. 

That’s why Chargezoom offers you better payment software, with access to tools like:

  • Email reminders
  • Embedded payment links
  • Preferred payment options

These offer customers what they want: speed, convenience, and flexibility. Email reminders get the bill to the customer quickly. Embedded links send them straight to the payment page, so they can close the sale with a few clicks. 

When it’s time to pay, let customers send money in whatever way suits them. That might be a credit card or one of many cards they store in their profile. It may be ACH. The more ways to pay, the happier they’ll be.

Remember that payments are the culmination of the sales process. The simpler and easier you make them, the stickier your business is going to be.

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