Xero Integration

Save 10+ hours a week

Our patent-pending technology handles time-consuming tasks and reconciles payments so you can stay focused.

Xero and Chargezoom integration

How it Works


One-click integration to 20+ payment services and accounting apps.

seamless integration with accounting software
Step 1
Bi-directional Data Sync


Select a customer or invoice and process a payment.

Step 2


Invoice reconciles instantly with fully GAAP-compliant details

Invoices and refunds are reconciled automatically
Step 3

Eliminate busywork

Everything you need to process payments is in one place. Eliminate the time-consuming tasks of manual data entry or CSV file imports.

Accounting Solutions That Scale
Allow customers to access free trials and other discounted benefits without lifting a finger

Every type of payment, made easy

One-off payments reconcile just as easily as batch payments and subscriptions. Every transaction is recorded with full GAAP compliance, every time.

How Much Can You Save With Chargezoom?

Annual savings
Total Annual Savings $ 6,657

Benefits of Chargezoom + Xero

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Get Paid Faster

Close the loop on open invoices

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Save Time Bookkeeping

Skip the headache of processing payments

20+ Payment Integrations

Unlock the power of payments

A seamless billing experience builds trust among your customers and encourages future transactions.