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Creative Content Specialist/Graphic Designer

Closing on: Sep 30, 2021

A young and nimble startup is looking for a creative content creator who has a specialty in marketing. This role will primarily focus on graphic design and illustration but may also provide support for photo and minor video editing and light animation.

Our company is poised for exponential growth which means our marketing efforts need to scale FAST and I’m looking for someone who is interested in sharing their skills and advancing their knowledge as a partner on the marketing team. As the Marketing Director, I have already mapped out our milestones and goals and need your help to fill in all the dots. I’m looking for someone who can be the Bill to my Ted, the Romy to my Michelle, the Air Bud to the rest of the basketball team — which is to say, you won’t be working alone or without direction, you’ll have my full support and undivided attention to concept and craft marketing content that meets all of our business goals. You and I will sit together, side by side, and determine the best content to focus on then we can divide and conquer and come together to celebrate. 

Because we are a small team, I need a teammate who is reliable and flexible and can get “up to speed” quickly with new concepts as the business needs evolve. You should be comfortable with prioritizing your tasks and pushing back when your bandwidth is full; being a small team brings a lot of benefits but you’ll need to be an excellent advocate for yourself. No two days will be exactly the same; you may move from designing graphics for a landing page to polishing up help documents with screenshots to creating brief video testimonials so if you like variety and are comfortable with switching gears this will be a fun and rewarding team to work with.

I need someone who has experience using their design, photography, and video skills for a marketing department or creative agency. Ideally, you’ll have had experience with mapping out content journeys and determining the needs for content along the way, and testing which content pieces work the best. 

Our business style tends to lean more toward illustration graphics but will also have a need for some photography and video as well. I’m looking for a teammate who has experience with animation and video editing for graphic design but also someone who is comfortable with editing or even owning full-scale video production. You’ll have access to budget and professionals to help with bigger productions, but you’ll be able to lend your skills with editing video to, say, extract a few seconds of a long video to create a trailer or gif. We’ll always collaborate and lay out a project brief in advance and work together, but I’d like you to be comfortable with presenting a plan rather than just executing what has been handed down.

As our business continues to grow, there will be opportunities for growth and advancement within your role as well so I’m looking for someone who is here to set down roots and really blossom. We’ll provide the tools, support, education, and experience for you to really flourish.

I hope to meet you soon!

Mia – the Marketing Lady



  • Create/design/edit graphics and illustrations for use in marketing materials
  • Create/design/edit photographs for use in marketing materials
  • Create/design/edit video for use in marketing materials
  • Be the ambassador and champion of our brand’s visual style and identity


Required experience:

  • Working with a marketing or creative team or agency to develop content tied to marketing efforts
  • Experience with refining/iterating design ideas for marketing campaigns mid-flight to adjust for variables
  • Demonstrated skill with visibility best practices, including content that is optimized for web speeds, SEO, and accessibility
  • Comfortable with giving direction and delegating tasks when the need arises


Preferred experience: 

  • Startup or small business experience
  • Financial services experience/exposure
  • Experience writing/developing ebooks or educational guides
  • Simplifying technical content for laypeople
  • Exposure or experience with marketing CRMs or content management systems
  • Contributing to and working from a style guide
  • Proficient at using project management software (we like Asana)
  • Comfortable with using content management software (we like GatherContent)


Super bonus experience:

  • Knowledge/understanding of QuickBooks and Freshbooks users
  • Exposure to QuickBooks or Freshbooks
  • Knowledge/understanding of the Payments industry and how credit card transactions are facilitated 


Why you’ll be interested in this role:

  • Build something new with an innovative team who is looking to ideate toward the best concepts; this isn’t a one-and-done gig but instead allows you the time and space to iterate and refine based on immediate data feedback. A short and steady sales cycle means we can quickly test and develop our strategies. You won’t need to wait 18 months to find out if your content is converting to delighted customers.
  • B2B but casual; we want to speak the way our users speak which means never too stuffy or boring — no technical specifications or ‘marketing speak’ — and we establish ourselves as a next-generation and future-proof software by having modern imagery and compelling content
  • We’re already accomplished leaders in this space, so people are waiting to hear from us. You’ll be able to bring a unique flair to the information we present to people who actually want to hear it!
  • We are a casual workplace – bye-bye business casual! 
  • Our new office was designed specifically for our needs; the Marketing department has dedicated space for the team to collaborate and work together with the flexible needs of our team as the priority. A dedicated space for onsite video shoots, quiet areas with adjustable lighting for editing, etc.
  • Free lunch Fridays! The menu varies, but lunch is provided on Fridays as an opportunity for the whole team to come together and watch TV and unwind.


Job Category: Marketing
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Irvine CA
Compensation: $50-$65k
Openings: 1

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