How do I accept eCheck or ACH?

Giving customers flexible payment options increases satisfaction and increases payment speed. eCheck is increasingly popular and here's how to accept eChecks with your Chargezoom account.

☑️ Your payment gateway agreement will determine if you are able to accept eCheck/ACH.

Most payment gateways allow their merchants to accept electronic payments via credit card, debit card, or eCheck/ACH. If your merchant agreement allows you to use a gateway for accepting eChecks you can easily enable that functionality on Chargezoom.

If you are adding a new gateway to Chargezoom, you will click the check box next to "Electronic Check" during setup. See all steps here.

If you need to edit your gateway credentials to enable eCheck

Starting from the sidebar menu, select Integrations and then Merchant Gateway


Click on the name of the gateway that you want to change. The blue text indicates that it is a hyperlink.


From the edit screen, check the box next to Electronic Check and then click Save.



What's the difference between eCheck and ACH? The acronym ACH is short for Automated Clearing House, which is an electronic network for processing transactions between financial institutions such as banks. Most commonly the term "ACH" is used to indicate a transfer from a bank account via a checking or savings account, which acts similarly to the process of writing a paper check. The term has evolved to include multiple variations including "electronic check", "e-check", and "eCheck". In essence, both words have the same meaning but some businesses prefer to use one word or the other.