How do I connect a Cybersource gateway?

To connect your Payarc account to Chargezoom and use it to receive payments, you will need your Cyber Merchant ID, API Key ID, and Secret Key.

📋 What you'll need

  • Cyber Merchant ID
  • API Key ID
  • Secret Key

❔ How do I find my Cyber Merchant ID, APIKeyID, or Secret Key?


Connecting to Chargezoom

Log in to Chargezoom, then navigate to Integrations and select Merchant Gateway


Here, you will see a list of all gateways that you have connected. To add a new gateway, click the +Add New button.

Next, you will enter a "Friendly Name" which is any name that means something to you. For example, if you have multiple MIDs with the same gateway, you may want to label them GatewayVendor01, GatewayVendor02, etc. to keep them easily identifiable to your team. Then select CyberSource from the drop-down menu.

Next, you will enter your Cyber Merchant ID, API Key ID, and Secret KeyClick here for details on how to find these credentials.

Finally, click the Add button and you're done! 


How do I find my Cybersource credentials?

Log in to your Cybersource account:

Find your Cyber Merchant ID

  1. From the navigation menu, go to Account Management and select Users
    Group 1734
  2. From the Users screen, you will see a list of your Merchant ID numbers. Choose the Merchant Account that you will be connecting to Chargezoom.
    Group 1735


Find your API Key ID

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard. There is a section called "Expiring Keys" that includes a link to View All Keys
    Group 1736
  2. This link will take you to the Key Management page. From here you can click the button to Generate Key
    Group 1608 1
  3. The following screen will ask which type of Key you would like to create. Select API Cert/Secret then click Next Step
    Group 1612-1
  4. In the final step you will select a Key Subtype. Choose Shared Secret and then click Submit
    Group 1613
  5. The confirmation screen will display the Key and allow you to download the details, if needed
    Group 1614

Find your Secret Key

To view a key that you have already created, navigate to Payment Configuration and then Key Management
Group 1615 1

⚠️ Be sure to store these credentials in a very safe place. Credentials should not be shared to protect your transactions.

Once you have these credentials available, you can log into Chargezoom and connect your account (step-by-step instructions).