How do I integrate with Xero?

Connecting your Xero account with Chargezoom is a breeze. In about one minute you'll be ready to sync and transact.

Chargezoom makes it easy to connect your accounting package and start the live sync. The full set up process takes about a minute and all of your details will be synchronized in real-time. 

Because Chargezoom has a bi-directional sync, it means that everything that is done in Chargezoom is reflected in Xero and everything that is done in Xero is reflected in Chargezoom. There is no manual effort required to move this data. It happens in real-time, with a persistent sync.


This video will demonstrate in less than 90 seconds how to fully connect Xero to Chargezoom and start collecting payments.

Set-up process

When you log in to Chargezoom for the first time, you will be presented with the Setup Wizard which will walk you through each step. When you reach the