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How to Enable the Embedded Payment Link?

How to enable and use the embedded payment link to sync between Chargezoom and QuickBooks

1. From the Chargezoom Dashboard under Features click on 'Comment Sync'

dash comment

2. To enable the embedded payment link on ALL invoices click the 'Enable' toggle in the right-hand corner

enable comment3. A pop-up will occur making sure you want to enable the comment sync, click 'Enable'

WARNING: Enabling Comment Sync will overwrite "comments" on all open invoices. 

popup enable

4. Once comment sync is enabled, all open invoices will now have an embedded payment link in the Comments box.

How to send Embedded Payment links from QuickBooks Online (Existing Invoice)

1. Log in to your QuickBooks Online Account

2. From the left side pane, click Sales > Invoices

3. Locate the invoice, click the dropdown arrow, and select Send

4. A confirmation box will be prompted, click Send

5. The customer will receive their invoice with the embedded payment link

6. Once the customer clicks the embedded link, they will be able to enter their payment information and pay their invoice.