Why would I have multiple gateways?

Adding multiple gateways to your Chargezoom account can provide higher customer satisfaction and collect instant settlements.

Businesses often have multiple gateways to allow for maximum redundancy and resilience. Having access to multiple gateways can ensure that there is no single point of failure and your business can continue to process transactions if one gateway is slow or has an outage. Your business may also want to mitigate risk by balancing processing loads. For example, if you anticipate having a large volume of transactions it could potentially cause a disruption and customer churn.

The Chargezoom payment vault allows you to easily shift between gateways without the need to re-enter customer data; all of the details are immediately accessible by the gateway that you assign.

Your business may also have different gateway accounts that provide benefits for certain types of transactions. For example, if only one gateway allows you to accept eCheck (ACH) payments, you may need to use that specific gateway for any electronic check transactions. Or perhaps you achieve the best rate with a specific gateway for transactions over a specific amount and you prefer to run qualified transactions with that gateway.