How to save money making QuickBooks data work for you

Large businesses take advantage of level 2 and level 3 data every day, leaving you in the dust. But not anymore. Companies like Chargezoom are making it easy to harness the power of level 2 and level 3 data using the QuickBooks data you already have. 

The one obstacle to processing level 2 & level 3

Processing level 2 and level 3 data requires more information about your transactions. At a minimum, the processor may require 10-20 data points to qualify. Depending on which vertical you serve, it could be over 100 fields of data.

On top of this, credit companies for data to be formatted according to their specific guidelines. If anything is incomplete or incorrect, the company automatically downgrades the transaction, saddles you with the highest possible rate, and then charges you an extra fee. In order to get around this, some processing companies fill fields with “default data” (ex: 123 Main Street). These types of placeholders, allow companies to process level 2 and 3 transactions but don’t provide the deep insight credit card companies require to reduce their risk.

When you integrate QuickBooks data, there’s no headache

Everything you need to qualify for level 2 and level 3 is already stored in QuickBooks. It’s part of every invoice you create. Chargezoom takes this information and then formats it automatically for every qualified transaction. We built our systems with VISA in order to ensure our customers received the highest validation rate. Our system auto-fills with authentic data, so your business is never at risk. You enjoy greater access to savings and greater function as well.

Close the gap with your competition

Like large companies in your field, you have the opportunity to harness the power of your QuickBooks data and put it to work for you. Effortlessly take advantage of the savings offered by every level 2 and level 3 transaction that comes your way by integrating your payments.

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