Shopping Carts

100% Completed Purchase Procedure


Just like any other shopping spree, not everything in the shopping cart makes to the counter and actually gets paid for.  So then how does ChargeZoom ensure that everything in the cart survives through the purchase procedure? Since there are ways in which we are able to monitor a subscriber’s activity we can easily offer coupon or discounts to these customers to give that the nudge they need to purchase the product or service.  It is not easy to convince someone to make a purchase but you may have to consider giving away special offers such as coupons, discounts, rewards on loyalty as well as rewards on successful referrals.

It is also important to make a follow up on clients, contact them through email and try to offer specialized services depending on their needs. ChargeZoom has a package with automated customer communication to allow you reach out to the customers who abandoned their cart shopping halfway. We know those times when we are trying to avoid impulsive shopping and so we try to sieve out what is useful, what should be prioritized as well as its value. Your customers need that voice to remind them that whatever they are purchasing is a worthy investment and they will reap higher returns. With ChargeZoom, our products speak for themselves we will be the trusted middlemen with the voice to convince prospective subscribers that your products and services are worthwhile, only we will be using your words.

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