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Subscription Management

Powerful Subscription Management

If you are looking to expand your business by adding a subscription model for predictable revenue, Chargezoom makes it easy to do.


All-in-One Solution

Chargezoom is a middleware that basically upgrades your existing accounting software to support fully automated Subscription Management. Adding Subscriptions has never been easier. Chargezoom has many features to help grow your Subscription business, including the ability to do Free Trials, Free + Shipping offers, Checkout Pages and many others.

Flexible Plan Management

Each and every client has different needs and preferences depending on the size of their business and so on. It is important to have different packages with a range of subscription plans. What most subscribers require is a flexible plan management option that is designed to support different billing scenarios, business needs as well as payment plans and that is exactly what Chargezoom offers. There is even a free trial for first time subscribers.

Free Trial

Free Product Trials

Free trials are the best way in which subscribers get to test your product, so it should be easy to configure. It is a sample of your product and it is important that the trial period is long enough and yet not too long to give a feel of what you are offering before they decide to commit to the payment plan of their choosing. If the trial period is too short, they might not have enough time to sample the product thus make an informed decision. Yet again if it is too long, it may lose the meaning as a product on sale.

Other important features to look at under subscription management include easy converting from trials to subscribers, Use tools that are flexible to attract and engage customers and as already discussed above; easy to configure trial periods.

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