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Compliant Surcharging

Integrating Surcharging Ensures Compliance

Chargezoom’s integrated compliant surcharging platform is for credit cards only and prohibits banned states along with debit cards.

– The BIN is validated real-time as the credit card is being entered into the payment terminal to check surcharge eligibility.

– The surcharge amount can be a fixed amount or percentage.

– The surcharging fees are disclosed on all checkout pages and receipts.

– Adheres to GAAP and does not interfere with your accounting reconciliation.

Zero Credit Processing Fees

If you sell $100, you earn $100 when customers pay with a credit card. You only pay fees when customers use a debit card.

Full Compliance for Peace of Mind

Chargezoom’s surcharging platform is fully compatible and compliant with all major card brands and can be utilized across all payment types.

Give Your Customers the Choice

Give your customers the option to avoid paying processing fees by choosing debit, check, or gift card.

Chargezoom makes deploying surcharging easy and ensures complete transparency in pricing for your customers.

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