Chargezoom Sync

Sync Payment Data in Real-Time


Sync is a virtual payment terminal that posts payment data to your accounting package in real-time. Say goodbye to batch exports and handling CSV files.


Save hours of effort daily, reduce errors and improve customer experiences with Chargezoom Sync.


Growing in volume and complexity


Like you, many companies struggle with managing a rapidly evolving infrastructure. Point-to-Point integrations create disparate connections and increase complexity and administrative overhead.


Unfortunately, accounting software and payment gateways lack centralized, real-time synchronization with external customer and finance systems. This results in manual data entry processes that contribute to errors and poor customer service.

But, now there’s a complete solution


Chargezoom unifies the B2B payment experience by fulfilling the needs of a connected economy. With Chargezoom, there’s NO software to install, you’re ready to go in minutes. Chargezoom’s wizard-driven setup and one-click integrations allow you to easily manage complex billing & payment scenarios and reduce payment friction.

Accounting Automation

Integrate, Sync, Repeat and Scale!


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