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recurring payments

The Ultimate Guide to Installment Plans

Let’s face it – in the present era, most people are familiar with installment plans. An installment plan is a method of buying things gradually. That means instead of paying for a product in one go, a customer can pay a little amount over a specified period, usually several months

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Chargezoom Joins ETA

Chargezoom is proud to be the newest Startup Member of the ETA (Electronic Transactions Association) – Where Payments and Technology Meet ETA is payments technology. ETA is the hub of activity for financial institutions, networks, payments companies, FinTech and technology innovators. ETA is where the payments technology world does

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Chargezoom Integrates with USAePay

USAePay, a leading payment gateway service provider, is proud to announce the integration with Chargezoom. Chargezoom is an online software platform that was created to address the needs of modern merchants and organizations of all sizes. Chargezoom’s Virtual Terminal Plus & Subscription Suite service offerings help maximize revenue with advanced

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How Chargezoom can Instantly Reduce your Processing Fees

You may have heard the term “Level 3 Processing” or “Level 3 Data“. While it does not sound exciting, what it can do may excite you. If you are looking for ways to reduce your processing costs and don’t want to hassle with changing your Merchant Processing service, then Chargezoom

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How to Reduce Customer Churn and Increase Successful Transactions

Failed payments and declined credit cards are part of every business, especially if your service is subscription-based. Customer drop-off rate, lost accounts, and lower revenue are all closely tied to unsuccessful transactions. With Chargezoom subscription management tools you can improve these aspects of your business. Chargezoom clients come from various

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