Use Cases

Work on your business, not for it

Entrepreneurs require systems that foster growth while reducing overhead. Chargezoom helps them overcome billing challenges with intelligent payment automation. 

Reduce payment friction.

Get Paid Faster

Automated billing tools make it easy for customers to stay ahead of their payment schedule. Reminders alert them of approaching deadlines. Payment links let them close invoices with a few clicks. Digital vaults store their details, eliminating the need to re-enter data. Gateway integration lets them choose their preferred payment method.

Payments are the most frequent touchpoint for your company. A confusing, laborious, or complex process dissuades future business. Some may even abandon their purchase. In contrast, offering a clear and simple process builds satisfaction and loyalty.

Store multiple payment methods

Automate late payment reminders

Email Invoices with “Pay Now” links

Set up one-time or recurring payments

Accept credit card or ACH payments

Integrated payments easy as 1-2-3.

Save Time Bookkeeping

Synced billing reduces the administrative load your business has to carry. Rather than hours spent batching transactions and inputting data, payments are matched and reconciled in seconds, without any need for manual oversight. 

Payments sync into your accounting software

Reconcile transactions in real-time

Accept payments from multiple providers

Eliminate CSV files and manual batch processes

GAAP compliant automation keeps books audit-ready

Subscription commerce made easy

Stable Revenue Streams

Subscriptions offer relief from month-to-month fluctuations. Revenue is predictable and scales easily with automation. Payments are collected every month, without any intervention from your sales team. Services are delivered continuously, providing greater value to customers, and leading to long, mutually beneficial relationships. 

Simple & automated subscription management

Create recurring billing and payment rules

Set up free trial offers to expand your customer base

Payment processor agnostic, use existing merchant account

Self signup with branded “checkout pages”

Payment processor agnostic, use existing merchant account

20+ Payment Integrations

Unlock the power of payments

See why entrepreneurs trust Chargezoom to empower mission-critical business applications.