Chargezoom Integrates with USAePay

USAePay, a leading payment gateway service provider, is proud to announce the integration with Chargezoom. Chargezoom is an online software platform that was created to address the needs of modern merchants and organizations of all sizes. Chargezoom’s Virtual Terminal Plus & Subscription Suite service offerings help maximize revenue with advanced billing and payment recovery functionality. The intelligent Accounting Automation features enable accounting packages, CRMs, shopping carts and payment gateways to sync in real-time, improving customer experience and retention. Chargezoom is available direct to merchants or as a white-labeled solution for ISO partners.

Representatives of Chargezoom said, “When two innovative companies get together, great things happen. Existing USAePay customers will benefit from Chargezoom’s automation features, saving them time and money; Chargezoom customers will now be able to take advantage of one of the most versatile payment gateways available today.”

Chargezoom is a full featured, integrated payment solution for merchants that automates accounting processes with features such as 2-way Sync, Transaction Reconciliation, Subscription Management, Embedded Payment Links in Emails, Automated Email Notifications, Payment Recovery, Branded Checkout Pages, a Customer Portal and much more.

Chargezoom’s integrated payment solutions streamline accounting procedures. Businesses can automate payment reconciliation and reduce processing costs to save time and increase profitability.

Loosely translated, Chargezoom links all your payment sources to your accounting software and automatically reconciles the transactions. Say goodbye to batch importing and manual entry. It will increase productivity, save on processing costs, eliminate errors in reconciliation, and much more.

“We’re very excited to announce the Chargezoom integration to our partners”, says Martin Drake, President of USAePay. “Chargezoom has proven to be a valuable all in one solution that addresses the needs of the modern day merchant. With this solution the merchant has the ability to streamline their day to day process and in turn, increase their profitability.”

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