How to Minimize Failed Payments and Retain More Customers

What is dunning?

Every business encounters missed or failed payments. Dunning is a proactive process of engaging your customers before the problem arises.

How can we help?

Chargezoom dunning management includes step-by-step tools for communicating with your customers about credit card, payment or account issues.

What will your business gain?

Our B2C clients report 5 times ROI of their annual fee for Chargezoom products. For B2B clients, we’re proud to have contributed to up to 10 times ROI.

Be proactive about payment failures

Chargezoom tools include predefined scenarios to help you set up your dunning communication in common payment failure situations.

Send your customers email notification before their trial period expires. Or remind them to update the billing information before the next billing cycle starts.

You can also fully automate all renewal notifications, from subscription plans to account upgrades.

Credit card expirations are high on the list of failed payment reasons. That’s why you can easily set-up email notifications to remind your clients to change their credit card details, with the appropriate links to speed up the process.

Engage your customers after the payment failure

One failed transaction doesn’t mean you should give up on a customer.

In fact, the core of dunning communication is finding the right strategy to engage your customers after the unsuccessful payment attempt.

Chargezoom offers you a set of customizable options to retain the customers after the failed transactions. Use multiple emails and offer them possible solutions to successfully complete the purchasing cycle.

Customizable account cancellation process

Account cancellation is an inevitable part of the business. Some customers don’t respond despite your best email efforts.

With Chargezoom you can set the specific amount of time before a customer account becomes inactive.

You can also fully customize the account cancellation emails.

Include all relevant information about account reactivation procedures or features that will become permanently unavailable after the cancellation procedure is complete.

This gives your customers one final incentive to reconsider their decision.

Full dunning account analytics & reporting

Chargezoom suite includes robust analytics & reporting system for managing and monitoring all customer accounts in the dunning process.

Identify your customers by the stage in the dunning process. Forward this information to your sales and marketing teams to further engage these customers by targeting their specific issues.



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