One quick step to see if your email invoice was received


One quick step to see if your email invoice was received

You’ve emailed an invoice to a customer but they haven’t paid it yet. How do you know if your message has been overlooked or wasn’t delivered accurately? Sure, you can resend the message, but if it’s only been a short while since you sent it that may be awkward. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to develop your payment reminder and collections strategy by using email delivery receipts.

View delivery status in the customer’s profile

Chargezoom keeps a complete record of every invoice email sent from our platform or your accounting software (QuickBooks, FreshBooks, or Xero). It’s easy to identify which emails were delivered successfully.

How to check if your invoice was received

The blue hyperlink for “delivered” will show you additional details, including whether the email was opened – and how many times it was opened.

email invoice tracking

Delivered but not opened

If the status shows “delivered” but the invoice email hasn’t been opened, you may need to follow up with your customer in a different way. The delivery receipt confirms that the email address is valid and was delivered as expected. However, if the message wasn’t opened there may be a variety of simple explanations like the recipient is out of the office. 

email invoice delivered

Delivered, opened, but not paid

There are several simple reasons why an invoice may be viewed but not paid and the next steps will vary depending on your business. If you notice that a customer has opened your email several times without taking action, you may consider:

  • Review the email that was sent – was the information in the email accurate? Perhaps there is an error in the invoice that is causing the customer to review their purchase. You can always review the email that was sent through Chargezoom by clicking the hyperlink for the email Subject. This will open a second window where you can review the body of the email to confirm that the correct details were sent.

Email invoice history

email invoice custom messaging

  • Maybe your customer replied to the email with a question that has gone unnoticed? Chargezoom allows you to customize which address the email is sent from, so perhaps the response went to a mailbox other than your personal mailbox. Many businesses use an alias email such as “” or “” in place of a personal email account to send their invoices. You can easily view who sent the email under Email Information.

email invoice from your company name

Email delivery confirmations and email read receipts are a useful part of your overall collections strategy and can save your business time, effort, and embarrassment by confirming that your invoices were delivered as expected.

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