What You Need To Know About Failed Payment Notices And Payment Recovery

The subscription market is expanding at a rapid pace. And, if you have managed to attract a new customer and are on the verge of selling your service or product, you don’t want to have a transaction failure. Nowadays, businesses that provide software-based solutions are opting for recurring revenue instead of one-time paid subscriptions. Managing recurring billing is a painstaking task to do manually. Therefore, using a recurring billing software is a good option as it streamlines the process, keeps it fast, ensures accuracy without any human effort.

In this article, we will present a software solution that can easily manage your recurring bills and online payment. It will help you generate more revenues, and most importantly, error-free transactions.

Why Choose Recurring Billing Software?

Over the years, businesses have felt the need for a tool that can generate more revenue in different ways. When companies act as a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, they often sell it using a subscription model. It allows them to generate revenue as consumers pay a fixed fee on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to get a service in return. It restricts consumers from using the software indefinitely as subscription allows them to use the software for a specified period.

As subscriptions involve recurring billing, dedicated software can play a crucial role in customer relationships and maintaining transparency. It allows both businesses and customers to know about the exact charges involved in a service. It manages recurring billing for subscription-based products and services offered by various companies. It also provides automated invoices based on subscription plans and billing frequencies.

Considering the importance of recurring billing software, more and more organizations are adopting it. It has been forecasted that more than 70% of businesses who are selling directly to consumers will provide subscriptions by the end of 2023. As SaaS is following the path of subscription payments, recurring billing becomes a necessity. It not only allows initial installment by your subscriber but also increases your responsibility to offer a distinctive and consistent service that would result in an automatic renewing of the subscription.

Best Recurring Billing Software

It becomes crucial that subscription businesses provide justified charges for their services as it does not take long for a subscriber to check out upon dissatisfaction. Moreover, companies should include easy steps for the renewal and sign up process as it results in high retention and smooth payment process. However, a situation may arise that may affect payment acceptance either way. Nothing is more frustrating than directing paid subscription prospects to your site or app but losing them due to failed payment issues. It has been observed that failed credit card payments cause around 20-40% of customer churn for B2B and B2C SaaS businesses.

Here, recurring billing software like Chargezoom can assist you in improving the retention rate for your SaaS or a subscription-based business. One of the most subscribed software in recent times, Chargezoom provides recurring billing and payments platform by integrating your payment requirements into one easy-to-use platform. It allows you to manage your recurring payments easily, hence helps in decreasing your processing costs and boosts cash flow. This software also evicts the tedious process of manual entry. Moreover, it offers a REST API to integrate with an existing accounting source and handle recurring billing tasks using custom subscription options.


-It manages and provides a wide range of recurring billing options, such as one-time payments, trials, discounts, and installation costs.

-It leads to quick and accurate payments with automatic 2-way data syncing and transaction reconciliation.

-It helps to lower the processing charges for businesses and allows them to save a good chunk of money, which otherwise is done by switching providers.

-It is compatible with a wide range of accounting software, such as Xero, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero, Salesforce, QBO, and Stripe.

Failed Payment and Payment Recovery

Consumers should always be aware of their failed payment as notification allows them to retry the process. However, overdoing notifying through different sources may appear spammy to them. In such scenarios, Chargezoom software offers a hassle-free experience to the subscribers by separating payment retries from email accounts. It allows businesses to reset the count of reminder emails to avoid any inconvenience to their customers. Hence, one can effectively send notifications to describe the exact reasons behind a failed payment.

Payment sources do not recommend failed transactions. Moreover, every retry failure leads to the possibility of getting blacklisted for a merchant. Here, Chargezoom allows you to optimize the retries as well as maximize the recovery process by indicating which failed payments would not be a beneficial decision to pursue.

The software comes in three plans, offering a different range of features:

-Sync: $20/month for up to $50k/month of revenue

-Automation Suite: $49/month for up to $100k/month of revenue

-Enterprise Suite: $99+/month for up to unlimited revenue


If you are looking to streamline your payment or billing process, then you should switch to recurring billing software. Chargezoom could be an ideal option as it can be integrated with almost all payment sources to provide smooth transactions. Moreover, it also provides reports based on your business revenue to streamline, hence allows you to make better decisions.

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