Mobile Payments: Why Should Field Service Contractors Invest in Them?


Mobile Payments: Why Should Field Service Contractors Invest in Them?

Are you waiting for client payments to come in before beginning your next big job? If you’re a field service professional, this payment issue should not hold your business back. With mobile payment options for field service contractors, you can collect your business payments easily while in the field rather than having to wait for long.

There are several field service management platforms that have changed the industry by allowing technicians of all company-sizes, from small to large, to accept onsite payments. Businesses, including plumbing, roofing, HVAC, and electrical, must adopt a payment process to accumulate funds more efficiently and fast.

If you’re a field service contractor and tired of waiting to gather your business payments, it is high time to adopt the change, i.e., mobile payments. Card readers attached to tablets and smartphones make mobile payment processing easy and quick.

It would be best if you keep your business up to date by opting for the latest technology trends.

What Should A Field Service Contractor Look into the Mobile Payment Processing?

A field service contractor thinking of moving away from invoices, paper forms, and mailing bills must look into mobile payment system capabilities before making final selection. Mobile payment technology can help streamline your business payment process and cash flow. It can make your collection duties simple, effective, and efficient. When looking for mobile payment processing, a field service contractor should look for the following things:

  • Ability to Use Card Readers

A card reader is a device that comes with a mobile payment service. Just insert the device into the auxiliary and charging port of your phone or tablet. Once you complete the setup, you can swipe the card of your customers with that card reader. When you swipe the card, the app opens automatically, where you can enter your client and payment details.

  • Signature Capturing

Signature capturing is an ideal method to ensure that the right person is using the card. Clients sign directly on the phone or tablet with their fingers, and the application copies their signatures to receipts.

  • Emailing Option to Send Client Receipts

There must be an option of entering the emails of customers. This step will give your clients the same transaction details you will receive to keep transparency between both parties.

These three standard features in a mobile payment processor are essential to have. Besides, if you’re thinking of adopting mobile payments for your business, you do not require to overhaul your existing payment solutions. Just incorporate the new ones into the existing ones. The only cost would be buying a smartphone or tablet, the card reader, and the software package of your choice.

How Do Mobile Payments Benefit the Field Service Contractors?

Though there are several benefits of using mobile payments in the field, the most significant one is that it speeds up the payment collection timeline. Being a field service contractor, you do not have to return to the office to check out completed jobs to process payments. You may ask for your payments as soon as you complete jobs just by sending a series of invoices to customers.

Field service organizations usually depend on regular cash flow and overall revenue. Mobile payments can help speed up the gap between job completion and payment processing, enabling you to accept more and more projects in the coming time. This payment system allows you to check out the payment time lag to determine how much time you save in your business payment process. Also, receiving your payments quickly and on-time also allows you to do future planning and accept new jobs. Overall, mobile payments help you ensure you are getting paid timely.

Besides, mobile payment processing can also help automate record-keeping in your payment system. It also makes it easy for accountants to keep track of all your business transactions.

Choose the Right Service Provider for Mobile Payments

All field service businesses, including roofing, restoration, and plumbing, must consider incorporating a mobile payment processing system. It will complement your business’s current financial collection process and management software. If you have mobile payment processing or are looking to add a field service management system to your company, consider taking help from a professional. You can consult with the team of Chargezoom to know how they can help you with your mobile payments. Field service contractors can see several benefits to their business operations by incorporating this type of payment system. With the right payment processing method, you can take your business to the next level.

To determine how Chargezoom can fit into your field service business to help your business reach new heights, talk to the team now.

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