Why do I need multiple Subscription Templates?

Creating multiple Subscription Templates allows you to create a variety of subscription types to suit your customer needs.

Offering multiple subscription types allows your customers to select the options that they need without creating manual work for you.

Example Scenario 1

A landscaping company wants to offer recurring services to its customers. They serve residential customers and corporate customers, who both have different needs for services and for billing.

Some residential customers may need weekly services and they want to pay every week. Other residential customers may need weekly services that are billed monthly. Corporate customers may need services that are billed on a quarterly basis.

An easy way to address all of those needs is to create 3 separate subscription templates:

  1. Residential - weekly service billed weekly
  2. Residential - weekly service billed monthly
  3. Corporate - weekly service billed quarterly

In this scenario, the landscaping company can simply enroll its customers in the subscription plan that meets their billing needs. 

Example Scenario 2

A freelance website designer offers standard packages for their services. They offer two standard packages: Silver and Gold. Each of those packages includes a specific set of services and is billed monthly. However, they have a special client, ABC Corp, who has a tailored services plan and would like to be billed monthly.

No problem! The designer can simply add an additional subscription template that is tailored to the client's needs and subscribe the client to that template.



👋Ready to add subscribers? Here's how: http://chargezoom.com/knowledge/how-do-i-enroll-subscribers


💡 Did you know: every subscription template generates a URL that allows your customers to self-enroll? Read more here: