Why does it matter if my email was opened?

Knowing whether your invoice emails are sent properly is critical to your collections strategy.

If you send email invoices or use email as part of your strategy for collecting payments, it is very important that you can confirm that your customer received your email. A misdelivered invoice will never get paid and can impact your relationship with a customer if you need to escalate or impose late fees or fines.


Chargezoom will confirm that your email has been sent successfully, along with additional details that help you keep track of your payments. Easily view whether the email was delivered as expected and if it was opened. You may have a different collections strategy for emails that are delivered and not opened versus emails that have been opened and viewed.


The Chargezoom will also track multiple opens on a single email. In the example below, we can see that Frank at Newport Planes opened this email on February 17 and again on February 21. This may be an indication that Frank is reviewing the invoice and confirming the details. If he is delayed in sending his payment, this may inform our collections outreach strategy in how we approach the customer for payment.

Group 1818


See the full details here: https://chargezoom.com/knowledge/how-do-i-know-if-my-customer-received-an-email