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Save thousands on compliant encryption

Don’t waste resources on pursuing PCI compliance from scratch. Using Chargezoom’s credit card vault can reduce your compliance costs by thousands of dollars every year.

Faster checkout means faster payments

Receive payments with out re-collecting or re-entering a client’s payment details.

Strengthen security

Limit the exposure of sensitive customer data by tokenizing payment information.

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Avoid vendor lock-in and save costs

With your PCI data stored in Chargezoom, you can optimize payment processing across multiple processors, giving you the power to negotiate the best rates with one, or multiple, providers.

Maintaining constant compliance is the best way to avoid PCI non-compliance fees that can cost your business thousands of dollars.

Manage risk and liability

Store, tokenize, and process card data without touching it. Our customer vault securely tokenizes payment information to reduce exposure to bad actors. Frictionless payments flow faster without your business assuming risk from working with card data.

Build customer confidence

Protect your reputation and increase customer trust by securely handling sensitive payment information.

What is a Credit Card Vault?

A credit card vault is an encrypted storage service that protects your customer’s sensitive payment information while still allowing you to invoice and bill clients. By storing this data in an independent card vault, such as Chargezoom, a business has more ownership over that information allowing a business to change payment providers without the need to manually collect or enter sensitive payment details.

What is tokenization?

Credit card tokenization is a solution that aims to protect payment card data entered into any system by obfuscating or encrypting the card details and replacing it with a token value. For example, you may see a credit card token expressed as “Visa ending in-1234”.

Why is credit card tokenization important?

Tokenizing payment details is not only an important step in achieving PCI DSS requirements, but it also assures your customers that you are handling their data in a secure way. By not exposing full credit card details on transactions or internal systems, you limit the likelihood that the information can be breached or stolen. By storing tokens instead of sensitive card data, you greatly mitigate your security risk.

What is PCI DSS compliance?

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a worldwide standard for the secure handling of payment card data, first crafted by the major payment card brands in order to help prevent payment card fraud and protect cardholder data. Compliance is achieved after businesses verifiably fulfill all PCI DSS requirements, which is mandatory for all entities that handle consumer payment data.

Who does PCI DSS apply to?

PCI DSS requirements apply to any and all businesses that collect, store, or transmit payment card data. This includes merchants, marketplaces, E-Commerce businesses and even software solution providers who come in contact with sensitive payment data. Additionally, the level of PCI Compliance needed depends on how many transactions are processed per year; or may be a prerequisite for partnering with certain technical or financial institutions who’ve adopted a security-first mindset.

What are the penalties for not being PCI compliant?

Every business has different levels of compliance that they must maintain to avoid penalties. Depending on your exact business scenario you could be facing monthly penalties of hundreds to thousands of dollars in fees for non compliance. 


Additionally, certain vendors may deactivate or cancel your accounts for non compliance. Most payment processors will provide a reasonable window for you to make corrections however it is possible that your account will be paused or temporarily suspended until the account is fully compliant. Check your payment processor contract and statement for details on whether compliance assistance is available to you and the penalty fees that apply for PCI non compliance.

What happens to my vault data if I want to change my Payment Gateway Processor?

The data that is stored in the vault does not change, so if you opt to change your payment processor you will NOT need to re-collect or re-enter payment information.

How does my customer information get in to the vault?

Customer payment details that are collecting within Chargezoom are automatically stored in the secure credit card vault. Whether your customer enters their own detail on a payment form, invoice, Customer Portal, etc. or the information is manually entered by your staff (ex: a customer calls in with payment information), those details are instantly tokenized and stored.

One platform for all your billing and payments

Eliminate the need to move your data to another website for processing. Ditch the CSV files and manual data entry. All of your invoices are instantly sync’d and ready for payment.

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Get paid instantly

Invoices with “pay now” links can reduce the time to get paid by 70%, with many paid instantly.

Allowing customers to choose the payment method they prefer removes obstacles and speeds the payment process.

Email invoicing

Ease your workload and let customers help themselves

Giving customers 24/7 access to your self-service portal allows them to answer their own questions. They can review past and present invoices, update payment methods, and more.

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Accept credit cards at no cost to you

Be confident: with compliant, integrated surcharging you can capture surcharge fees from eligible customers on every transaction.


Security compliance without the cost

Our PCI-compliant vault ensures that your customer data is protected at the highest level and eliminates the need to build and certify your own encrypted vault.

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Expand your business: no tech skills required

Design and implement fully automated recurring invoicing and payments from directly inside your all-in-one platform. Our simple interface will have you building your revenue stream in no time.