67% of customers prefer self-service¹

Continuation of your brand experience

Design your Customer Portal to match your branding, reinforcing trust and making payments seamless.


Reduce the number of calls or emails to support staff for simple changes. Updated customer details instantly reflect in your accounting software.


You control which customers have access to your Customer Portal and which details they can view or change.

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Reduce Customer Billing Inquiries

Let customers access their account details 24/7

  • View and pay invoices
  • Print open or paid invoices
  • Download open or paid invoices
  • View transactions
  • Pay subscriptions
  • Update contact information
  • Add new form of payment
  • Edit payments on file – no more expired credit cards
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Make payments part of your retention strategy

Integrate for maximum value

Integrating payments with your tech stack allows you to customize your support options to address customer needs instantly.

Eliminate the wait

Self-service portals allow the customers to pay when they’re ready, even if you’re not available. After hours, weekends, holidays – get paid while you’re away.

Improve loyalty, boost revenue

Enhanced payment processes improve customer loyalty, helping to prevent churn and grow long-term revenue.

One platform for all your billing and payments

Eliminate the need to move your data to another website for processing. Ditch the CSV files and manual data entry. All of your invoices are instantly sync’d and ready for payment.

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Get paid instantly

Invoices with “pay now” links can reduce the time to get paid by 70%, with many paid instantly.

Allowing customers to choose the payment method they prefer removes obstacles and speeds the payment process.

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Ease your workload and let customers help themselves

Giving customers 24/7 access to your self-service portal allows them to answer their own questions. They can review past and present invoices, update payment methods, and more.

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Accept credit cards at no cost to you

Be confident: with compliant, integrated surcharging you can capture surcharge fees from eligible customers on every transaction.

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Security compliance without the cost

Our PCI-compliant vault ensures that your customer data is protected at the highest level and eliminates the need to build and certify your own encrypted vault.

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Expand your business: no tech skills required

Design and implement fully automated recurring invoicing and payments from directly inside your all-in-one platform. Our simple interface will have you building your revenue stream in no time.


Everything your customers need

  • View and pay invoices
  • View past payments
  • Update expiring cards
  • Add new payment methods
  • Update personal details
  • View subscriptions
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Take a lunch break. Enjoy your weekend. Your customers can pay, even when you’re away.

Chargezoom Customer portal Transactions_Customer Portal

It’s 10pm and your customer needs a copy of their receipt for their tax prep. No worries! Customers can access their payment records and download receipts whenever they need them.

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Alert your customers about credit cards that will expire soon and let them update the details themselves. Just a few clicks will keep payments flowing without disruption.

Chargezoom_customer Portal_ Add Payment method_Customer Portal -2

Customers can add as many methods of payment as they need. Multiple credit cards, debit cards, and eCheck accounts can be added to their profile and are ready to use. Old card? New checking account? No problem, just delete the ones that are no longer needed.

Chargezoom_Personal Details_Customer Portal_Customer Portal -1

Customers can update their own details for new addresses, email, and phone numbers.

Chargezoom_Customer portal_ Subscriptions

Let your customers easily view the subscriptions they’ve signed up for and when their next bill will be paid.