Take the misery out of refunds


Take the misery out of refunds

Would you buy a car that only went forward? Probably not. So why would you use a payments integration that only goes one direction?

hitting a wall
Going in one direction is fun… until you can’t go forward any further

Every business issues refunds. Full stop.

Whether you love them or hate them, there will always be a need to cancel, void, or refund an invoice. Refunds don’t have to be fun, but they don’t need to be miserable either.

If your automated payments integration requires you to manually process refunds, then it’s not fully automated. In fact, if the “solution” for issuing a refund includes the words “make adjustments to QuickBooks” or “ask your accountant or QuickBooks Pro Advisor” that means issuing that refund is actually costing you money

Time is money, whether it’s your own or billed from your accountant or advisor. Processing refunds can take double or triple the amount of time that it took to create the original invoice, so why pay your staff twice?

Chargezoom is proud of our true bi-directional sync that allows you to quickly and easily process a refund and we reconcile that change with QuickBooks instantly. This means that your accounting records are always up-to-date and accurate AND no one had to touch QuickBooks again to make those changes. 

Ready to step up to true payments integration that saves you time, money, and hassle? Try Chargezoom free for 30 days by signing up here: https://dashboard.payportal.com/signup 

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