We believe businesses of all sizes should have powerful tools that support their growth plans, relieve burdens, and are easily accessible. As a growing company, we know first-hand the challenges businesses face and have intentionally designed our product with the features they need most. We also aim to keep our pricing fair and consistent, so our product remains accessible as possible for small and growing businesses. Crucially for small and growing businesses the B2B digital payments experience can set the tone for expectations from customers and be a critical element in building a positive reputation. A process that is fast, simple, and easy builds customer loyalty and encourages future transactions.  

We are proud to have signed agreements with Fortune 500 payment service providers and entered partnerships with the majority of the top 20 merchant acquirers in the United States, who recognize the gap in solutions for their customers who are growing and becoming more sophisticated with their accounting needs. Together, we believe we can empower the 40+ million businesses in the United States who use QuickBooks, FreshBooks, or Xero to immediately transform the way they think about payments and improve their real-time payments to scale their businesses.

To allow our own business to grow and thrive, we invest heavily in our human resources, identifying staff with expertise in their domains and who bring outside perspectives, ensuring we are forever advocating for the customer. This focus has allowed our credit card payments products to develop from a user-first perspective, with customer experience and satisfaction being our benchmarks. As we continue to evolve and expand our business, we continually seek to find staff who can help us better products to serve more businesses and improve the user experience even further.

We invite every small business to try our software for free with no commitment.

We also welcome all interested talented individuals who want to help change the payments landscape to join us on our mission to provide innovative solutions and help us be a game changer in the FinTech industry to join us. View open positions on our Careers page

Matt Dubois
Founder & CEO