Culture at Chargezoom

At Chargezoom, we're driven by a simple yet ambitious mission: to become a leader in the fintech industry through extraordinary innovation and an unwavering focus on our customers' success. We aim to achieve this by adhering to a consistent set of values and partnering with organizations renowned for their quality. We understand that our objectives can only be met with a genuine commitment from every member of our team.

Our Motto: Work Hard, Live Well

"Work Hard, Live Well" encapsulates our approach to professional life at Chargezoom. We believe that giving 100% each day is not just beneficial for our company—it’s deserved by every team member. This commitment allows us to go home with a sense of accomplishment, ready to enjoy our personal lives with loved ones and activities that enrich us. At Chargezoom, we see hard work as a pathway to creating impactful changes and achieving greatness. However, we also prioritize balance; thus, regular overtime is discouraged as it does not align with our culture of well-being.

Our Mission

Our goal is clear — become a leader in fintech through innovation and customer-centricity. We are committed to no shortcuts, believing firmly that our ambitions will be realized through real commitment from every Chargezoom employee.

Our Beliefs

-Respect and Equality: Every employee and colleague deserves respect. Chargezoom is a place where discrimination has no place.
-Collaboration: We urge all managers and supervisors to engage employees in creative problem-solving endeavors.
-Leadership and Development: Consistent leadership and competent training are the backbones of our operations.
-Open Communication: We maintain an open-door policy that promotes interaction, discussion, and the free flow of ideas to enhance the workplace and productivity.
-Customer Satisfaction: Quick, effective actions are vital in resolving service issues to ensure customer satisfaction.
-Quality Service: Our commitment extends to delivering superior service to our customers and partnering with vendors who align with our quality standards.
-Excellence: We champion the motto "Do It Right the First Time," embedding it in our team attitude to foster growth and prosperity.

Our Purpose

We exist to empower businesses to realize their potential by offering innovative payment solutions that are not just solutions, but game changers in the fintech landscape.

Our Vision

To redefine the fintech industry, making an indelible mark as a "category-creator."

Our Core Values

-Innovation: Challenge the status quo and think differently.
-Integrity: Consistently do the right thing, even when it challenges us.
-Passion: Put your heart into your work and never lose sight of your 'why'.
-Pride: Aim high and take pride in your work, always striving for excellence.

Our Philosophy

We believe the quickest path to success is by helping others achieve their goals. At Chargezoom, success is a collaborative effort, and by aiding our clients and employees to succeed, we create a community of thriving, innovative professionals.

Matt Dubois
Founder & CEO