Meet multiple goals at once

Increase cash on hand

Improve your bottom line with faster payments.

Get paid 4x faster

Remove friction and collect payments days or weeks faster – with many paid within 24 hours.¹

Strengthen your customer experience

67% of customers say they prefer to self-service.² Give your customers the experience they’re looking for and reduce call volumes for your support staff.

Empower your accounting staff

With instant reconciliation your accounting staff can save 10+ hours per week in manual effort while maintaining GAAP compliance.

Be ready for the next phase

Be ready for the next phase

Your staff can focus their time on impactful projects without distraction for tedious tasks. Real-time financials allow you to pivot and scale with ease.

Streamline billing and payments

  • Online Payment Terminal
  • Invoicing
  • Customer Portal
  • Surcharging
  • Credit Card Vault
  • Recurring Payments
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Online Payment Terminal

Accept payments all in one place. Records are always in sync so you can apply payments directly to the invoice. Full reconciliation happens instantly, so there’s no manual work for you.


Send one or many invoices in a single click. Batch processing reduces time and your customized emails ensure your branding is carried through.

Customer Portal

Let your customers help themselves! 90% of customers say they expect compaies to offer a customer portal for self-service.* When your customers can answer their own questions, it reduces the number of support calls and allows you to focus on higher priority tasks while also lowering costs — and stress.


Offset your transaction fees and stay compliant with Visa regulations.

Credit Card Vault

Maintain your data with compliance without being locked in to a single payment provider. Connect to one or many gateways and switch with ease.

Recurring Payments

Create as many subscription or recurring payment plans as you need to keep your payments on schedule and make forecasting easier.

Launch and scale faster

Maintain a flexible financial stack while you build your marketplace. Define your billing and invoicing strategy without diverting development resources.

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Launch and scale faster

More time to manage your business

Automation allows you to multitask without compromising your focus. Save 10+ hours every week in manual data entry tasks.

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Growth Startups

Expedite receivables, accelerate cash flow

Shorten payment cycles without spending hours to chase payments.

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Make the apps you love even better

Enhance the service apps that you already use to now include billing and payments.

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Services Businesses

Earn more through referrals

Partner with Chargezoom to deliver cutting-edge technology to your clients, peers, and merchants.

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Referral Partners

Unlock powerful tools built just for you

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